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Making an appointment

When a question or concern arises, we ask that you follow the chain of command.

All classroom concerns should be first addressed with your child's classroom teacher. This can be accomplished by attending a conference, by calling your child's teacher or by sending an e-mail.

When an in-person conference is best, please make an appointment with your child's teacher. Drop-in conferences are awkward and often keep a teacher from attending an assigned duty or delay teachers from previously scheduled meetings. Thank you for your understanding.

If after meeting with your child's teacher there remains a question or concern, the next step is to request a meeting with the site principal. Again, drop-in appointments are often not possible due to the nature of a principal's day. Appointments made by phone or e-mail are always appreciated and accommodated, although same-day appointments may not be possible.

If your meeting with the principal does not resolve your concern, then the next step would be to contact the superintendent's secretary to schedule a meeting. The district office phone number if 652-1800.

We will make every effort to resolve any concerns that you may have!
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