My name is Carla Krueger, and I teach third grade at Placer.  I am in my "third act" of teaching.  I have lots of experience, sure, but mostly I feel a passion for teaching that is now unbounded by time constraints, as one can feel when your children are out in the world finding their own passion and purpose. I have always felt that I chose well when I decided to be an elementary school teacher. I enjoy the steady changeover of incoming third graders from dependent to independent learners, and their unabated curiosity.
I taught 3rd through 5th grades in Yuba City, California, then taught 4th grade in Minnesota. The bulk of my teaching has been done at Placer Elementary School, mostly in third grade, with a few years in 5th and 6th grades back in the 90's.  
At home, I am a hiker, reader, and gardener.  I live in Weimar with my husband, Gregg.