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Focus on . . Middle School

Placer School's Middle School Program includes grades 6-7-8, although 6th grade retains more of a self-contained style.  Students in grades 6-8 are involved in core instruction (Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies) and also participate in enrichment classes. This year's classes may include:  Robotics, Art, Team Sports, Greenhouse/Agriculture, Journalism, Digital Photography and Yearbook.

Additionally, students requiring intervention have an opportunity to receive additional support during the school day in our "Shadow" and intervention classes.  Teachers are more than willing to work with students before and after school, and some also offer additional support during lunch time.  Children who would like to meet with their teacher at any of these times should make an appointment beforehand, as teachers may also have scheduled conferences during these same times.
Families can expect regular e-mail communication from our middle school team of teachers.  Our goal is to include and inform parents about the on-going variety of activities that occur throughout the week.  It's like having a seat in the classroom without having to complete the homework!
Please be sure to check the calendar page for updates regarding middle school events and activities.  Parents are always welcome at all functions!  We particularly like to have parents present at our dances.
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