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Best Rally Ever - Friday, December 1, 2017

Our Leadership Team, under the guidance of Mrs. Swantko, put on an incredible Spirit Rally where all grades participated. There was a Lip Sync Performance by Justin Learn, 7th Grade, who wore an Elsa costume from Frozen and sang a hilarious rendition of "Let it Snow". Santa Claus was spreading cheer, good wishes and candy. A fun game was played where Mrs. Swain, Mr. Hunt, Ms. Step, Mr. Wright and Mrs. Ross were wrapped up in toilet paper under the guise of a friendly competition called "Do You Want to be a Snowman". Several awards were given out including Mighty Miner, Canned Food Drive and Jogathon. The students collected over 2600 cans to donate to the Loomis Basin Bread Basket Program. Our students raised over $23,000.00 dollars through many generous pledges for the Jogathon. Please click above to enjoy some fun photos from the rally.
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Terrific Trilogy Tour in Downtown Sacramento!

Our 4th Graders had an incredible adventure experiencing the State Capital, California Museum and the Imax Theatre on their latest field trip. The movie was "California's Wildlife Adventure" where Brody Dalton learned a lot about the Bald Eagle which is our State Bird and the history of some of our oldest Redwoods. At the Capital, our students were taken on a tour which even included the Governor's Office. Kaitlyn Watkins was impressed with a statue that was carved from a single block of marble and took the sculptor over six years to complete. Favorite parts were visiting the California Museum where there were several interesting displays regarding the culture and history of our native Maidu Indian Tribe. The Gold Rush and how it impacted the growth and history of San Francisco and Placer County was an especially fun topic. The students learned about the miners way of life and all the tools used in panning for gold. Please click above to enjoy some happy moments!
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Squishy, Slimy Ooooblik Created in Science Lab!

The first grade classes were having fun fabricating all kinds of scientific experiments. There were five stations and students were asked to test all types of solutions and mixtures. A journal was developed by all the students so they could share their results. The water and oil solution was the most popular experiment. Please click above to enjoy some special moments!
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Mrs. Dales Class Celebrates Johnny Appleseed's Birthday!

September 26th was Johnny Appleseed's birthday and the TK class had a blast celebrating. They learned about different types of apples and the legend of Johnny Appleseed. They were able to taste apples, paint with apples and we even made an apple volcano! TK had such a great day of learning! Please click above to enjoy some fun photos of the class.
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Mrs. Krueger's Class Create Their Own Solar Ovens!

Mrs. Krueger's Class has been studying forms of energy, investigating how light reflects, and learning about colored light, including how it is absorbed or reflected. Over the last week kids have designed their own solar ovens using what they learned in our energy and light unit. At the end of September, they tried the ovens for the first time with eggless chocolate chip cookie dough. Based on the cookie outcome, they made changes to the original designs and tried again. They varied the materials used, including insulation for their cooking boxes, color used for the inside of the boxes, reflective surfaces, or thickness/air tightness of their clear coverings. The cookies were fabulous and applying knowledge was lots of fun.
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Placer Cross Country LBAL Championships and Hansen's Challenge!

125 runners toed the line along Hansen Road of which 94 of these were returning racers, having run the practice Hansen's previously. Although it was a cool 72 degrees, the race was anything but lukewarm. It was most likely one of the most successful (in terms of improvement) that has ever occurred on campus. Everyone that started the race, finished. Records were broken, there was cheering and smiling faces at the Finish line. There was even a Mom and Dad Division of 15 Runners. Please click above to enjoy some fun photos of the season.
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State Park Rangers Visit TK Class!

Our TK Class (Mrs. Dales) had special visitors last week. Some local State Park Rangers from Folsom Lake came and talked to our class about being kind to the environment and how to be good citizens at our local lakes. The kids favorite part was being able to explore in the patrol vehicles and hearing the sirens. Many of the children exclaimed that they want to be a Park Ranger when they grow up! Click above to view a delightful class picture.
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