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Loomis Basin Athletic League

Loomis Basin Athletic League Philosophy
We believe that athletic competition is a necessary process for the development of the student/athlete.  We believe that the purpose of athletics is to assist the student/athlete in developing playing skills, respecting coaches, teammates, and opponents, respecting rules and officials, maintaining good health and physical fitness, practicing good sportsmanship, and remembering that participation is a privilege and carries responsibilities.  The purpose of the 7th-grade team sports is developmental in nature.  Regular season scores are not recorded.  Playoffs will be determined by a random drawing.  The purpose of the 8th-grade team sports is more competitive.  Regular season results will be used to determine playoff ranking. 


At various times throughout the school year, fourth through eighth-grade students will have the opportunity to participate in school-sponsored team sports. The LBAL Handbook can be accessed via this link.


Fall Sports

Girls Basketball (7th-8th grades eligible)

Cross Country (4th-8th grades eligible)


Winter Sports

Boys Basketball (7th-8th grades eligible)

Wrestling (4th-8th grades eligible)

Girls Volleyball (7th-8th grades eligible)


Spring Sports

Boys Volleyball (7th-8th grades eligible)

Track and Field (5th-8th grades eligible)

Placer School Athletic Director

LBAL League Commissioner:
Greg Carson [email protected]