Summer Reader » 6th Grade

6th Grade

My name is Summer Reader and I joined the staff of Placer Elementary in 1998. During my years at Placer I have taught 6th through 8th grades.  When I am not on campus I can be found enjoying time with my husband, and children--we love spending time together at the theater, camping, playing tennis and video games, cooking and sampling world cuisines. 
Being a part of Placer's caring and creative staff and working with middle school tweens/teens and their families has truly been a great adventure!  
About the 6th grade curriculum and expectations: 
Students in 6th grade Mathematics and Sciences will be busy finding patterns and problem solving real world situations. Students will be creating models, equations and graphs to help explain their thought processes and their deep conceptual thinking.
Students in 6th grade English Language Arts will continue to develop the reading, writing, listening, speaking and critical thinking skills necessary for all academic and personal success. 
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